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What is the significance of the title and artwork on your new CD?
Revenir is French, meaning to return, as in visiting different periods in my life. The artwork is a painting by my father.

When did you start writing these songs?
Some are fairly recent compositions, like Machismo Mouse, Aleta, and Nigerian Prayer. Monty’s Calypso was written in High School after hearing Jazz Pianist Monte Alexander. Monkfish, Volver and Glendonwynne were written some time in between. 

Darin Clendenin Jazz Artist & ComposerIs there a creative connection among them?
Just that they all have a significant meaning to different times throughout my life. I can’t always express into words what I may be feeling at a certain time but often I can express it through playing. If I’m lucky, I can write it down and maybe a song will come out of it.
Monkfish was a tribute to Thelonius Monk. Glendonwynne and Volver were experiments in Morning writing. I used to get up and write 3 pages of music every day as an exercise in writing. Some of it wasn’t very good but occasionally I would have a "keeper." I would write the first thing that came into my mind and then edit them later.
What's the background on the Pink Floyd cover?
 I used to play a lot of solo piano, casual gigs, country clubs, wine-tasting events where my job was really to provide background music. I would slip in an occasional rock tune dressed up as a jazz tune to entertain the staff. They would say "He’s Playing Floyd, man!"
Did the shape of the songs change much when you were in the studio recording?
I pretty much knew what they were going to sound like before I went in. I can usually hear Mark (Ivester, Drums) and Clipper (Anderson, Bass) in my head even when they are not here.
Where do you see your jazz music going?

That’s a hard question to answer. I think I’ve always wanted to play and be a musician ever since I was 8 years old. I knew what I was going to do. Jazz isn’t as popular as other styles of music so we have to diversify, but I look forward to composing more and recording more. I’m already starting to plan my next recording. I will probably record some traditional jazz standards on my next project.


Darin Clendenin is recognized as one of the Northwest’s finest pianist and keyboard artists. Fluent in numerous styles of music, his stylish interpretations of everything from old classics to jazz standards, from classical to modern works enchant audiences everywhere. His performances, as well as his arranging and composing talents, are sought after for their artistry as well as their magical innovative mix of styles.


Past performances include: Opened for Herbie Hancock, Zoo Tunes Concert Series, Seattle; Mt. Hood Jazz Festival; International Jazz Festival; Du Maurier Jazz Festival; Toronto Jazz Festival; Ballard Jazz Festival; Port Townsend Jazz Festival; Rising Jazz Stars Foundation, Beverly Hills, CA; Portland Jazz Festival; Blaine Jazz Festival Clinics and Concerts; Bumbershoot, Seattle; Jazz in the Valley; and Anacortes Arts Festival.


He also has performed with numerous jazz legends, including Nancy King, Ernestine Anderson, Leroy Vinnegar, Mel Brown and Ron Steen. His work can also be heard on numerous recordings.